Transilience returns to the stage: video

Jam For Man was a series of gigs in Reston, VA, a few decades ago. The usual format was $5 and a can of food to get in, and a bunch of young hardcore/punk/metal bands would play. The 30th anniversary of Jam For Man was on July 21 in Falls Church, VA, and one of the bands that used to play these gigs back then, Transilience, reunited for the event. Here’s a song from the set:

The one Transilience record, Mouthful Of Buildings, originally came out in 1990 and was reissued in 2006. It’s recommended because the band was and is unique in its jazzy-ness, catchy-ness, thrashy-ness, and weird-ness. Hopefully our video conveys some of that.

The band’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated in years, but maybe that’ll change since the band is back together.


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  1. I used to go see Transilience at DC Space back in 88-89. They were real tight and their songs were a great mix of metal/jazz/funk/punk, you name it.
    Very cool to hear there is an album that I haven’t heard, going to find it right now👌

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