Killing Joke covers collected, part 7: 2021

As you may have noticed, we love Killing Joke here at the blog, and below is our annual collection of KJ covers we found on YouTube. Enjoy!

In previous covers posts, we haven’t been including many songs that appear on the Absolute Respect Killing Joke covers compilation, because that’s a known release to Killing Joke freaks. But we’ll make an exception with Econoline Crush. The band did an excellent cover of “Pssyche” from the Purge EP (which also appears on the comp).

Bog-Morok did a cover of “Fresh Fever from the Skies.” This is a deep cut, which we appreciate—if a band does a KJ cover, it’s usually “Love Like Blood,” “Complications,” “The Wait,” and “Requiem.”

Russ Crimewave did a fast and loose cover of “Follow the Leader” a few years ago.

A very cool live version comes from Babel 17, who played “The Hum” at a festival.

Another live version comes from the band Alone In The Moon and the track “Eighties.”

“Wardance” was tackled this time around energetically by Ciaron Marlow.

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