Killing Joke covers posted online, part 2: 2014

Over a year ago, we posted a fistful of Killing Joke covers from YouTube, and with new Killing Joke activity, like a dub remix collection and Jaz Coleman’s book, it’s high time for round two. Like we said last time, please check out these bands, and the originals.

Behemoth is in the news lately since their new album The Satanist is coming out, but they recorded a crushing bonus track of “Total Invasion” for their Evangelion record. Frontman Nergal said on his Facebook page, “[S]eriously I think it’s the best cover we’ve ever made.”

Lots of bands have covered “The Wait,” such as Metallica, but this one by the band Lillies and Remains, from their Re/composition covers record, is a standout.

The band Heaven Shall Burn recorded their own interpretation of “European Super State” for the 2 CD edition of their Veto album.

We can’t find much info on the band Murder Protocol, but someone posted their solid cover of “Exit.”

An artist with the YouTube handle SOLaharl has posted tons of his acoustic covers, and one of them is “Adorations.”

And the French group Vortex did a creepy version of “The Gathering” in 2003.

Check out our previous collection of Killing Joke covers from 2013.


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