Killing Joke covers posted online: 2013

The special edition of Killing Joke’s 2010 album Absolute Dissent has a bonus CD of bands covering Killing Joke called Absolute Respect. There’s some good stuff on there, but there’s plenty of other bands that didn’t make it on the record. Below are a few covers from YouTube, and while some are faithful to the originals, some are very different in their interpretation. Please consider checking out these bands, and the one from which these songs came!

“Love Like Blood” is a popular song for a Killing Joke cover. This one is by Sybreed, which they recorded on The Pulse of Awakening.

Carcass did an interesting remix of “Democracy,” but this version is from a death metal band from Germany called Disbelief, from their album Spreading the Rage.

Altera Forma is a Russian band that released some sort of collaboration album called Altera Forma & Alina Vituhnovskaya. They went so far as to record two Killing Joke covers on that record, “Adorations” and “Wintergardens.” Check out the latter below:

Deep-pression recorded a very interepretive version of “S.O.36” which appears on their Singles Vol. 1.

The Polish band 3 Siostry has their own take on “You’ll Never Get To Me,” from their Kamienie Wołać Będą album.

Note: This post has been updated with new YouTube link information.


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