Deceased albums streaming online

…On Bandcamp, at least. Deceased used to have its albums and EPs streaming on its official website, but the site isn’t up anymore. So another place to look currently is on the Hells Headbangers Bandcamp

Our original, now out of date, post is below.

Deceased fans, no need to do something like a “full album” search on YouTube to listen to the band’s full lengths. The kings of death metal have put what looks like their full EP, LP and compilation discography up on their website—except for the last full length, Surreal Overdose. (The site hasn’t been updated in a while.)

At the site, click on an album cover and the web player will start up, and one can read the lyrics that are posted as well. There’s demo collections (Death Metal From The Grave), cover compilations (Zombie Hymns and Rotten To The Core), a live record (Up The Tombstones!!! Live 2000), five full-length studio albums, and lots more.

While you’re at the website, there’s extensive histories of the band worth reading, but also other historical details in the photos section that’s very entertaining. Matt Sharp from Weezer gets brought up more than once. It turns out he used to hang with the Deceased guys way back in the day when he was a metalhead.

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