Great high-octane metal from this four-piece ex-members-of band (Psyopus, Jefferson Plane Crash, and current Iron Reagan). These Richmond, VA boys play with plenty of energy, attitude and some aggression. There’s Motörhead in their sound to be sure, but there’s also a bit of mid-era Sepultura, and a more obscure reference is Nembrionic from Sweden’s take on Motörhead in their song “Hurricane.”

The dry recording brings out the best in the songs. In a way the songs are straightforward, but there’s some solid twists in HELLBEAR’s grooves and choppy riffs. Some of the four songs present more menace than others, like on “No Race, No Rome,” and it’s worth sticking with the EP to the end hear the change in tone on “Iron Made-in-China/Big Block.” We can see the front row bobbing their heads and shaking their fists, nodding to the person next to them, “Yeah, these guys are badass.”

Jam the EP and name your price for download on Bandcamp. Also, it’s pressed on limited edition 12”, available at Fake Art Fake Music.


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