Another fistful of Killing Joke covers, part 4: 2016

Four years running, below is our annual collection of Killing Joke covers we’ve run across on YouTube.

First off, Prong released a covers album called Songs From The Black Hole, and included a cover of “Seeing Red.” This makes sense as Prong singer/guitarist Tommy Victor has sited KJ’s Geordie Walker as an influence.

The YouTube user musicbybackinnyc1 has posted a cover of “Blue Feather,” the original of which is a bonus track on the reissue of Night Time.

A band called UCNX covered “Our Last Goodbye,” the original of which appeared on the West Memphis Three benefit compilation. UCNX’s version is from their Generation Damaged album.

Maria At Night did a rough, loose cover of “Millennium.”

In contrast, Man.Machine.Industry went all out and did a music video for their cover of “Eighties” from their album Lean Back, Relax and Watch the World Burn.

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Photo: Killing Joke’s Facebook.


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