Killing Joke covers collection, part 3: 2015

With this post we’ve got a two-pronged approach: gathering of news released about Killing Joke, and our third annual list of Killing Joke covers we found on YouTube.


The band’s documentary, The Death and Resurrection Show by Coffee Films, has been screening in the U.K., in advance of a wider release. A DVD version is in the works. The documentary folks posted that the band is mixing a new album (this would be the follow-up to MMXII) and is planning a tour. One of the trailers for the film is on Facebook.


To get us further pumped about the film, new album and tour, here’s another one of our quick round-ups of Killing Joke covers. There’s tons of online clips of bands doing covers, but we concentrate more on studio versions with these posts.

The industrial band Sister Machine Gun did a bouncy version of “Eighties,” which has unfortunately been taken down from YouTube.

Oswenzim from Russia also did an electronic sounding cover, but of “Money Is Not Our God” for their recording Auschwitz (Gas Chamber #2). Creepy.

The German band Blackmail definitely had their own take on a Japanese Bonus Track of “Love Like Blood” off their Friend or Foe? record.

The description of this Godflesh audio says it’s live at Eindhoven in 2001. The band played “Requiem.” The Godflesh guys have spoken many times about the influence Killing Joke had on them.

Every No One from Spain played a mellow version of “The Beautiful Dead” from some television show.

And Carcass did a “Rooster Remix” of “Democracy” at the end of the Swansong era. As with their “Isobel” Björk remix, it sounds like they recorded the music and dropped Jaz Coleman’s vocals over the top.

We posted collections of Killing Joke covers before, in 2013 and 2014. Enjoy!


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