Looking back on Project: Failing Flesh

Project: Failing Flesh (or P:FF) was a band that I’m is a big fan of. The group released three albums before disbanding: A Beautiful Sickness, The Conjoined, and Count Back From Ten, and is notable for a few reasons.

First and foremost, P:FF featured Eric Forrest of Voivod fame on vocals, and the singing on the albums is top shelf. Another thing is the band, rounded out by Kevin131 and Tim Gutierrez, successfully mixed industrial and death metal and wrote interesting, catchy songs and used quirky keyboard placement and studio trickery to make the tracks smartly off kilter. There’s even some guest string and brass instruments featured here and there.

A Beautiful Sickness is the band’s first album, released on Karmageddon Media in 2004, and features as album closer a Venom cover of “Warhead.” Three years later, the band released Conjoined on Burning Star Records. Finally, Count Back From Ten was released on Ototrauma Recordings in 2010 and featured a deep-cut Prong cover of “Irrelevant Thoughts.”

The CDs are available on Amazon and Discogs, while the first two albums are on Spotify and the third is on Soundcloud. Blast the tracks via the players below to hear what Project: Failing Flesh was all about. You’ll be glad you did.

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