Killing Joke covers collected, part 6: 2020 edition

Below is another fistful of Killing Joke covers from YouTube. Enjoy and check out our past collections at the bottom.

“Love Like Blood” is one of Killing Joke (or KJ)’s biggest, most enduring hits, and it’s popular as a cover song. Officium Triste from Holland recorded it for its album Charcoal Hearts—15 Years Of Hurt.

Pipe Choir went with a newer KJ track, covering “Euphoria.”

Another popular KJ song to cover is “Requiem,” and Helmet chose that one for a bonus track on its Monochrome album.

Kill The Thrill from France went back in the KJ archives to choose “The Pandys Are Coming” for a cover on the Dark 80s split EP.

Salò Mentale posted a brooding, industrial cover of “Wardance” from its Kaffer record.

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