Disposable Underground music blog newsletter. Enjoy! April 17, 2020

Welcome back to the newsletter. I hope everyone’s doing OK. Below are some links to things I’ve been checking out lately, and also what’s new at the blog.

I tried and failed years ago to get into Public Image Limited. Well, I tried again by watching an old Rockpalast performance from 1983 on YouTube. It consisted of a half-hour soundcheck, then an interview that John Lydon abruptly ended, and then the concert. Really amazing and incredible, the attitude those guys had.

The Spanish retro-80s thrash metal band Holycide has a new record out, Fist To Face, on the Xtreem Music label. The band’s video for the track “Empty Cyber Life” is well done! This is a rare thing in the music video world.

I finished Blood Fire Death: The Swedish Metal Story by Ika Johannesson and Jon Klingberg. Appropriately I picked it up at an author talk at the Swedish Embassy. Out on Feral House, it’s a good book.

Here’s a roundup of what I’ve been covering at the blog lately:

Nine Inch Nails releases Ghosts V and Ghosts VI free digitally.
Coil Stolen & Contaminated Songs reissue still available.
Testament Souls Of Black interview: From The Vault.
Public Enemy splitting with Flavor Flav was a “hoax,” Chuck D reveals as new Enemy Radio album Loud Is Not Enough is released.
Cut vinyl singles at home in real time with Easy Record Maker.
Einstürzende Neubauten releases new music video for “Ten Grand Goldie.” 
The Disposable Underground crossword puzzle: From The Vault.
Cro-Mags release new song, “The Final Test,” for free mp3 download.
Chis Moore interview: navigating the pandemic.
Cloud Rat interview with Rorik Brooks: guitar tabs for Pollinator.

Feel free to check out more content at the blog. Thanks for reading!


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