Public Enemy splitting with Flavor Flav was a “hoax,” Chuck D reveals as new Enemy Radio album “Loud Is Not Enough” is released

When Public Enemy Radio played a Bernie Sanders rally on March 1, Flavor Flav disagreed with the move and a public fight ensued, ending with Public Enemy parting ways with him and sharing details in a statement.

Then, on March 31, Chuck D explained during a previously taped interview on People’s Party With Talib Kweli that the parting of ways was an orchestrated event (D.U. would call it a publicity stunt) designed in part to increase Flavor Flav’s “stock” and in part as a kind of statement on media manipulation and a reminder to “Don’t Believe The Hype.”

Chuck also announced in the interview that the new record with Enemy Radio (previously Public Enemy Radio) is out today, along with lead single “Food As A Machine Gun.” See the interview excerpt below.

See Chuck’s statement about the “hoax” on the Enemy Radio website. Enemy Radio is, as he described, a component of Public Enemy. The lineup is Chuck, DJ Lord, Jahi, and the S1Ws.

In an interview on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Chuck D went into more detail on the hoax and about how Flavor Flav appears on “Food As A Machine Gun.” Check out the lyric video below.

Loud Is Not Enough is up on Spotify and on Bandcamp while the band is working on CD and LP versions.



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