Enjoy the Disposable Underground blog newsletter for April 2, 2020

Welcome back to the newsletter. I hope everyone’s staying safe and sane out there. Below are some links to things I’ve been posting about lately.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield (the guy who did the David Bowie cover from space) did informative space movie critiques for Vanity Fair. He pointed out that the most experienced astronaut in American history is Peggy Whitson. 

The Library Of Congress posted: “Added [March 25] to the Library’s National Recording Registry is Dr. Dre’s groundbreaking solo debut hip-hop album The Chronic (1992).” I remember getting admonished by an old coworker, maybe in the 2000s, when I admitted at the time that I had never heard the record. 

Besides the coronavirus messing up music incomes, David Crosby had a lot to say about the age of streaming doing the same in a recent interview with GQ.

Here’s an interesting piece from the Los Angeles Times about musicians supporting their candidates of choice.

Here’s a roundup of what I’ve been covering at the blog lately.

The Rentals post samples from their new song “Another World” and invite fans to use them.
Myrkur returns with new album Folkesangewatch the promo videos.
Cro-Mags stream “The Quarantine Show” performance featuring unreleased song, “Don’t Talk About It.”
Cherubs Immaculada High record review.
“Hit Like A Girl” drum contest now open for submissions.
Andvinyly once pressed meteorite dust onto a vinyl record.
Video of Public Enemy Radio performing at a Bernie Sanders rally.
Watch all of the promo videos for Sepultura’s new album Quadra.
Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke returns with new hackedepicciotto album The Current.

The list goes on. Feel free to check out what’s new at the blog. Thanks for reading!


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