Andvinyly once pressed meteorite dust onto a vinyl record

Vinyl fans, and those who appreciate the macabre, may have heard of Bone Music, an artifact of the USSR when banned Western music was secretly pressed onto records using X-rays instead of traditional vinyl. They also might have read about Andvinyly, which will add your loved ones’ ashes to vinyl with a recording of your choice to immortalize departed loved ones.

If we add earth and space scientists into the mix of interested vinyl fans, in a post-credit scene of the Hearing Madge documentary about Andvinyly, founder Jason Leach explains that an Italian artist crushed a meteorite and had him press the dust onto vinyl along with “the sounds of a tornado, volcano, and an earthquake, which is a quite nice one.”

The documentary, by Aeon Video, is well done, but jump to the 9:07 mark to see the meteorite bit.



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