Myrkur returns with new album “Folkesange”; watch the promo videos

The last Myrkur album, Mareridt, at a high level mixed folk and black metal, but new album Folkesange sticks with folk. As told to Apple Music, where you can read Myrkur’s notes on each of the 12 tracks and pick up the album digitally, Myrkur wrote half of the tracks and the other half are “reinterpretations of ancient stories and folk music.”

As with the last album, there’s interesting instrumentation on Folkesange. Here Myrkur demonstrates the nyckelharpa used on the track “Svea.”

Next, she demonstrates the lyre, used on the track “Leaves Of Yggdrasil.”

Here, she explains kulning, or herding calls, used on the track “Tor I Helheim.”

And Myrkur released a couple of music videos for the record, for “Leaves Of Yggdrasil”…

… and “Ella.”

You can also get the record on LP, CD, and t-shirt bundle at Relapse Records.


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