The Disposable Underground crossword puzzle: From The Vault

Way back in 2001, in archive zine issue #25, we ran a metal-and-grindcore-themed crossword puzzle. In case it gives our readers something extra to do during self-quarantine, here it is again.

Here’s links to download PDFs of the puzzle and of the answers.


1. The group’s demo was called Hatred Surge
6. This band told you to speak English or die
8. Early crossover band
9. The Return Of Martha Splatterhead by The Acc├╝sed was the first record on this label
11. ___ Back To Life by Cannibal Corpse
12. Watchtower is from here
14. ___ ___ appears on the Horrified album by Repulsion
15. A Life Of ___ by Zoetrope
17. This band used to be called Nihilist
21. Casey ___ played bass for Rigor Mortis
22. Mick Harris, “The Human ___”
24. Justin Broadrick used to play drums for this band
26. Mercyful Fate sang about this person


1. This band referred to its fans as “our dead”
2. Violent ___ by DRI
3. ___ Undead by Slayer
4. The singer of Therion received one of these
5. This band recorded Raging Violence
7. October File is this group’s second album
9. These guys recorded Phonophobia
10. “Open ___” by Death
13. ___ A.D. by Misfits
16. This band’s first album is The Karelian Isthmus
18. A few black metal musicians used to commit this crime
19. The ___ ___ Rape And Honey by Ministry
20. This band told that the Blackguards control
23. Yamatsuka ___ sang for The Boredoms
25. Universe is the second album by this band

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