Here’s your music blog newsletter from Disposable Underground: January 4, 2022

Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter, with a roundup of what’s new at the blog since last time, followed by a few newsletter news bites I stumbled across.

Recommended listening and now playing is the subject of one of my recent posts. I went through the newsletters I’ve sent out over the years (they’re all archived at the blog) in which I talked about what I was listening to at the time. In case there’s some tunes that will strike your fancy, I collected all of that recommended music in a new post. Check out the recommendations.

Genocide Pact is a band I’ve written about and taken pictures of more than once for the blog, and the boys have a new, self-titled record out that’s just as death metally as anything they’ve done. Good stuff. Read up on the album.

Photo: Brian Boeckman

Napalm Death and Voivod are two bands that regular D.U. readers will recall seeing at the blog because they’re two of my favorites and I jump at the chance of covering them. They both have new records coming out so I’m pretty happy. Here’s the latest on both.

Backslider is a grindy powerviolency three-piece from Philly that has a new record coming out this new year and has released a cool music video (which the above image is from) to go with it. Find out about Backslider.

Tour:Smart | Bus Edition is a live learning course from Martin Atkins, who I wrote about before. One of the selling points of the course is, “Learn tour management in real-time, with real people, and real outcomes. The tour is the classroom.” Sounds interesting, and there’s details at the course website.

Industrial Accident is a documentary about the classic label Wax Trax! Records that came out a few years ago and that I only found out about recently. The below trailer looks fun enough, and the film and its soundtrack are still available.

The iPod had its 20th anniversary in 2021 and Eamonn Forde wrote about it at The Guardian. I still use my mid-era iPod (even though I was delighted to buy a used Walkman at a punk rock flea market a few years ago).

Thanks for reading and happy new year!


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