Genocide Pact serves up a new, self-titled album

Genocide Pact, or G Pact as the band is known locally, is back with its third death metal record, self-titled.

There’s more of the band’s meaty Morbid Angel and Incantation worship this time and some political-type lyrics, such as “Living with a muzzle in your mind / Like sheep looking upward waiting to be fed” and “Accepting your role / In submission”—you know, futility of human existence lyrics.

The new wave of death metal has been tiring for a while now, but Genocide Pact is good at it and has paid its dues, and somehow seems more sincere than some of its contemporaries.

Check out some tracks from the record below, starting with the excellent music video for “Perverse Dominion,” and consider picking it up on CD, vinyl, or digital from Relapse Records.

“Purged Flesh”


And here’s more Genocide Pact coverage from D.U.:

Live clip from 2013

Live photos on Tumblr from Washington, D.C. in 2015

Live photos on Tumblr from the record release show for the Order of Torment album

Band photo: Brian Boeckman


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