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In D.U.‘s email newsletter, from time to time we included “now playing” and “recommended listening” sections over the years. Here they all are below. Hopefully you’ll find something that’ll pique your interest or be “oh yeah, let me check that out again”-like in the list.

Now Playing

Abacab by Genesis. I think the title track and songs like “Keep It Dark” and “Dodo/Lurker” tie the record together with a similar theme, while tracks like “No Reply At All” and “Man On The Corner” sound like they came from a Phil Collins solo record. 

A recurring theme in HBO’s miniseries Sharp Objects is the main character playing tunes on her phone. The series is still running but a soundtrack is already up on Spotify.

Septic Tank’s Rotting Civilisation is a really fun record. It’s in a retro punk/hardcore style done by guys that have been playing music since the 1980s and maybe even before that. Different songs are in different subgenres, like one in a Motörhead style, and another with a Celtic Frost influence, and another, Discharge.

I’ve been on a Godflesh kick (and a Helmet kick and a KISS kick) lately, but one of the Godflesh records I’ve been listening to is Selfless. One of the guys in the band said in an interview that this was the last “pure” Godflesh record and maybe the band should have broken up after they toured for it. In any case, it’s an awesome release.

The soundtrack to the film Vincent & Theo by Gabriel Yared. There’s very little information about this online, but the music is jarring and compelling, especially the track that starts off the film. The first minute and a half of this YouTube video (featuring music used in the opening credits) provides an idea of what it’s like. 

Lilliput compilation from 4AD Records. There’s a ton of cool bands over two discs and fancy packaging with a booklet. I bought it at the local used record store, so I assumed the tape pulled over the cover and the spine was a repair job from the previous owner, but it turns out that’s how the book was packaged. Interesting.

Monty Python Sings. There’s so many classics on this record, and it starts out with a bang with “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.” Not only is this record hilarious, but it’s also smart, clever, and well executed.*

With Teeth by Nine Inch Nails. A cool later record by the band, and apparently eyebrows were raised when it came out in 2005 and the lyrics and information were placed in a downloadable PDF online instead of in the album sleeve. The site links are dead, but the Nine Inch Nails wiki has some details about the original posts.  

OK, I’m on a KISS kick right now. I used to sort of hate on Lick It Up, but now I can appreciate it a lot better. That whole period of KISS that started with Creatures of the Night and included this record, Animalize, and Asylum is an interesting period in the KISS discography, before they went glam-lite.

Music From The Elder by KISS. In fact I’m listening to the track “Escape From The Island” as I write this. The Elder gets dumped on a lot, but the band really does take you on a journey with this record if you let them.

Aftertaste by Helmet. These guys are on tour with Prong right now in the States. According to Wikipedia, this was the last one recorded with the original singer/guitarist, bassist, and drummer. It still stands up.

Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs by Napalm Death, out now on Century Media Records.

Recommended Listening

The death metal band Hate Eternal has released an instrumental version of its Upon Desolate Sands album.

Will Kimbrough has a folk album called Spring Break.

New Signs of Life is the album from Death Bells, an Australian rock band that moved to the States.

Hypnovel is the name of a techno record from the 1990s by Mighty Force. I stumbled back on this record when going back over old ‘zine issues of Disposable UndergroundIt’s on Discogs and there’s a playlist of the record on YouTube.

Anakin (left) is a Weezer-ish heavy rock band whose album came in to the blog years ago. I keep coming back to Anakin’s record, Celestial Frequency Shifter (which the band The Rememberables reminds me of). 

Fishy Pants is the name of the full-length from the grungy band Muzza Chunka, which is another band from the 1990s that I rediscovered through the pages of the ‘zine. Aversionline wrote about the group one time. 

ỌPẸ (Gratitude) by Riddim Doctors, a group playing African rhythm and roots music.

Machine Violence by the industrial metal band Realize. One of the band’s main influences is old Pitchshifter. 

Children of God, that important album in the Swans discography, is being refreshed and reissued

Speciation by Faceless Burial, an Australian death metal band.

Dropdead by the longstanding hardcore punk band of the same name. This new self-titled album is up for preorder. 

C Trip A, a duo featuring a metal guy and a hip hop guy. Ozzy Nights is an interesting mix. 

And here’s the newsletter archive for your perusing pleasure.

*Although some of Python’s material really hasn’t aged well.


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