Backslider releasing new album “Psychic Rot”

Backslider from Philly started out as a two-man powerviolence band but has grown since then. These days, the group is a three piece and features the drummer from Triac and also a bass player, which the band didn’t have originally.

In any case, the band is brutal. New album Psychic Rot comes out February 11, 2022 on To Live A Lie and is up for preorder on vinyl (and will be out on digital, although there’s no information on that at present).

How’s it sound? Well, the band premiered a well-done music video at Brooklyn Vegan for the track “Corpseflower,” below:

D.U. appreciates how Backslider kept it real and masked up for the video shoot.

Backslider previously had grindcore and powerviolence fans take notice when the band released an EP during the lockdowns with drums recorded on a GoPro.

Keep an eye out for Psychic Rot.

Photo:  Jacqui Powell 


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