Here it is, your December Disposable Underground music blog newsletter: December 6, 2021

Welcome to the Disposable Underground newsletter, with a roundup of what’s new at the blog, followed by a few words about musicians who have left us.

The future of the music industry is fraught with challenges, some self-inflicted, and the Honest Broker has a roundup of predictions on it. It’s a good list, and not entirely full of bad news. Check out the list.

Crawler hails from Baltimore and recently played its first show in a while. The band features members of other bands (don’t they all) that I’ve covered at the blog before, and the guys are passionate about what they do. Read up on Crawler.

Photo: Sean Reilly, from 2019

Music photo books, especially hardcore and punk ones, is a book subgenre I was happy to post about.  Peruse the book roundup.

New music releases are something I post about from time to time, and I brought up The Static to blog contributor J.R. Hayes when I saw him at a show recently. He asked me what I was listening to lately, I said I wrote about this indie record, and he asked what kind of indie it is. Fair question that I briefly tried to address at the blog. Read about the record.

Rest In Peace

Yasutaka Kajihara, bassist of the Japanese band Unholy Grave, died this week after an illness. The band posted about it on Facebook.

Spider Mike, or Michael Vinatieri, the guitarist of the American band Capitalist Casualties, died in November. The band confirmed the news on its website.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.


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