Here’s a fresh roundup of music photo books

We’ve written about punk and hardcore photo books before (who doesn’t like flipping through a coffee table book like that?), so below we’re rounding them up, but not before adding a couple additional ones.

In My Eyes: Photographs 1982-1997 is a new book by Jim Saah that’s out from Cabin 1. It contains photos from (mostly) punk bands plus interviews with different musicians and photographers.

The Young Punks by Sheila Rock came out last year from Omnibus Press. The book’s photos “perfectly capture the innocence of the early days, the DIY fashion ethos and the raw energy of punk.” It’s also available in the States from Microcosm.

Cheap Shots: A Photographic Look at Underground Bands from the 1980s and Beyond appeared in one of our book roundups and is by Chris Barrows. Out now from Rare Bird.

Frame of Mind: Punk Photos and Essays from Washington, DC, and Beyond, 1997–2017 comes from Antonia Tricarico and is out on Akashic Books.

Spoke is a book we wrote about in 2017 and is “an oral and photographic history of the Washington, DC, punk rock scene” from Scott Crawford of the documentary Salad Days. The book is still out on Akashic Books.

We wrote about Hard Art: DC 1979 back in 2013. It’s by Lucian Perkins and Alec MacKaye and is available from Akashic Books.

There’s more book coverage here at the blog.

Photo: Jim Saah


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