Disposable Underground newsletter for July – enjoy! July 1, 2022

Hello! Read on for a roundup of what’s new at the Disposable Underground
blog and some music news bites from around the web.

New at the Blog

Music books is a subject I like to write about now and again. The latest roundup of books at the blog includes ones on Motörhead, on thrash metal cooking, a Public Enemy graphic novel, a coffee table book from The Residents, and more. If you like books, dig in—>

Slice! is a Philly band that I wrote about because I’m friends with the singer. Now, if I didn’t like the band I wouldn’t have done any typing about it. If you like goregrind, check it out—>

Photo: Slice!

The Northman, unfortunately, is a film I haven’t seen yet, but hearing the soundtrack makes me want to that much more. I posted about the options available for getting one’s hands on it at the blog—>

The Handcuffs, a rock band, has released a new album and it’s a fun listen. Pravda Records threw a copy in the mail for review and, as I’ve said before, that’s a good way to get a writer’s attention these days. Details are at the blog—>

More Music News

Record Deal Simulator is a web tool from Applied Science and it comes with an explanation of its workings and a discussion about record deals themselves. It looks pretty interesting. Jon Tanners has the story—>

Merch, which touring bands (and even ones that don’t play shows as much) rely on for revenue and even to survive, can have inequities. Different forces sometimes conspire to make it difficult for bands to promote themselves with their merchandise. Eamonn Forde explains at Music Business Worldwide—>

Music business advice is abundant, but in the middle of the COVID lockdowns David Lowery of Cracker (and before that Camper Van Beethoven) gave out some free words of wisdom about releasing music in the digital age. He posted it on Facebook—>

OBEGRÄNSAD, a collection from IKEA developed in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, features a desk for music production, a matching armchair, and, what caught my attention, a record player. Here’s IKEA’s press release—>

Necrofest, a festival happening this month at Saint Vitus Bar in New York, promises “three days of filthy riffs.” In any case it’s packed with death metal and grindcore bands. Here’s the breakdown—>

Rest In Peace

Dave Smith, synth pioneer and founder of the important MIDI technology, died in June. MusicTech has the story—>

Thanks for reading. See you at the blog!


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