Disposable Underground blog music newsletter – enjoy it: March 1, 2023

Here’s what’s new at the Disposable Underground blog along with some news bits I found around the Web. Please enjoy.

New at the Blog

Extinction Agenda has a collection of two of its old-school thrash metal demos out. It’s a fun listen, so I wrote a bit about it.

Kiji Suedo has a new EP of techno coming out and it rocks. Somehow I got on the label’s mailing list, and since I like the EP, I collected some details about its release.

Total Invasion is a band that immediately made me think of Killing Joke because of the name, but it actually plays death metal, which has nothing to do with KJ. The band has been working on music for a while and its EP is finally out.

The Disposable Underground Collection is a project I started last year to make my old ‘zine content more accessible and easier to read. While I’ve got all the ‘zines I released up on my archive website as PDFs, I’ve picked out the interviews and some of the articles, reviews, and editorials and started posting them on the blog. While I’m still working on adding content, there’s a lot up now to browse through—check out the introduction and the table of contents.

More Music News

Blacky from Voivod has a new release of old material. Alveol – an Angel Rat Demo is a 12-track LP with a song list that differs from the Angel Rat
studio album that came after. The album and more info is available from Minemine Records.

“Direct grants to independent artists, venues, and festivals” is part of freshman Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost’s top priorities, Spencer Dukoff writes for Consequence. Frost co-runs Mad Soul, a music festival that donates its proceeds in his home state.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster should be broken up, according to a coalition of artist advocates, Bruce Houghton writes at Hypebot. The article has an open letter signed by organizations such as Union of Musicians and Allied Workers, Music Workers Alliance, and more.

Global music consumption habits have been boiled down into an infographic by Athul Alexander. The World Economic Forum has posted an article about it along with some interesting analysis, like the fact that a chunk of people still listen to the radio to hear music.

Rest In Peace

Otis Bartholomew, photographer and musician and presence from the skateboarding scene, died in February. Eve has the story at SNBC13.

Trugoy the Dove, De La Soul co-founder, died in February. The rap group’s
3 Feet High and Rising is a widely praised work. Lindsey Bahr has the story
at AP.

Take care and see you next time!


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