“Rise of the Aggros” from Parris Mayhew is out now

Rise of the Aggros is the new album from the band The Aggros, an instrumental project long in the making from guitarist Parris Mayhew. He’s best known as a songwriter, player, and touring musician on Cro-Mags records The Age of Quarrel, Best Wishes, and Revenge.

The Aggros has released a couple of vids: a music video for “City Kids” …

and a playthrough for “Chaos Magic.”

Rise of the Aggros has familiar and welcome NY hardcore riffing and tempos on it, but is most interesting, besides being an instrumental album, for featuring keyboards. In fact, the touring lineup of the band includes a keyboardist.

The album is out now from Wildfire NYC Recordings on CD and vinyl (each comes with a download code) and digital download.

Photo: David Giesbrecht


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