Techno artist Kiji Suedo is coming out with new EP “Hosek”

D.U. listens to techno as much as the next person, but as far as writing about it, that genre isn’t in our wheelhouse. Still, we were happy when Japanese artist Kiji Suedo’s new EP hit our inbox, because it sounds good.

Hosek, Suedo’s label says, is where Suedo “shifts his focus to the dance floor.” The EP’s six tracks have plenty of variety, different sounds and textures, and that kind of thing where it sounds like the vinyl has dust on it or the tape is warping. There’s a bit of glitching and atmosphere as well. Some tracks are more upbeat while others are more laid back. All told it’s an enjoyable listen in the “house/beatdown/experimental” style, as the label calls it.

Hosek will be up for preorder from Hobbes Music on Bandcamp on March 3, 2023 with a release on streaming and download formats on April 7. Watch the label at its Bandcamp page for more info.


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