Extinction Agenda thrashed it up back in the 2000s

Inter Arma Silent Leges by the band Extinction Agenda is one of two tapes that was kindly sent to us by Nihilistic Holocaust Records from France.

Extinction Agenda, from the U.S., put out two demos, one in 2005 and another a year later, and this cassette released by Visceral Circuitry features both. Musically, Extinction Agenda played ripping thrash metal with tons of riffs and a twin-guitar attack, influenced by German thrash. The band kicked butt up and down the street, and any metal fan would find it difficult to listen to this and not headbang.

Get it at Bandcamp from Visceral Circuitry or on physical only from Nihilistic Holocaust.

Check out the other tape we received: Vivisect.

Photo: Nihilistic Holocaust


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