Vivisect plays in the key of ’90s death metal

D.U. received a package from Nihilistic Holocaust Records from France and one of the releases inside was a cassette release from the U.S. band Vivisect.

The four-song tape, Barbaric Death, is a selection from a few different releases from the band—they proudly play ’90s-style death metal. One influence that sticks out in some of the riffs, it sounds like, is Testimony of the Ancients-era Pestilence. There’s different tempos of fast parts and plenty of crunchy slow parts and varied riff work to mix things up and keep things interesting.

The recording is clean (at different amounts depending on the song), the band shreds, and the riffs are nicely audible, and I would say that if there’s an element that the band could improve upon, it’s the swampy death metal-type vocals. The band performs tightly, which works well for the material, and could benefit from more enunciation in the singing.

Barbaric Death is available on cassette, limited to 200, and Bandcamp.

Images: from the cassette sleeve


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