Antigama is visual with “Antigamology”

Last year, Antigama came out with a CD/DVD set packed full of goodies that any fan of the band will want to get their hands on.

On the DVD, Antigamology features studio reports, trailers, music videos, a full set from Obscene Extreme, and more. On the CD, there’s all of the vinyl-only tracks over a five-year period, an exclusive live-in-the-studio session, and a live set from one of the band’s U.S. tours.

I’ve covered Antigama several times because your editor is friends with the guys and also because the band plays a unique, quirky-yet-brutal brand of grindcore. Antigamology keeps that sound coming.

(Note that, as with the Nasum DVD that Selfmadegod Records released, this package from the label doesn’t seem to work on standard DVD players and needs to be viewed on a laptop or desktop or some game consoles, at least in the North American DVD region.)

Grab Antigamology from Selfmadegod and go crazy.


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