Nasum “Blasting Shit to Bits – the Final Show” DVD still available

The beloved Swedish grindcore band Nasum was brought to an end in 2012 by its surviving members and fill-in vocalist Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound at a packed show in Sweden, the last date of a reunion world tour. Lucky for us, the gig was pro-shot and made into a high-quality, compelling documentary film.

Released in 2020, the DVD trailer is below.

The DVD package contains notes from drummer Anders Jakobson and the extras include additional live footage as well as interview clips from the cutting room floor. The film itself goes back and forth between band interviews and chunks of the live show. In the interviews, the bandmembers open up about making sense of Nasum’s legacy and wrestling with the emotions around the reunion and this last gig, and the live show is properly brutal, well-captured both on film and in sound.

Pick up the DVD from Selfmadegod Records. It’s recommended!

(Note that in the U.S., viewers that don’t have a multi-region DVD player might have some trouble. D.U. was able to watch it on our laptop, however, and the label informs us that viewers might also have success playing it on some game consoles.)


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