Dig into the Disposable Underground blog email newsletter: December 2, 2022

Welcome back! Here’s what’s new at the Disposable Underground blog along with some news bits I found around the Web.

New at the Blog

Mortuous has a newish album called Upon Desolation with some old school death metal influences along with other cool bits added. The band did a tour of the U.S. in September and October and I caught them when they were on the road with Left To Die before that. Good stuff. 

NASA is great source for space sounds, video, and images, and that includes the organization’s SoundCloud page. A nice place for space enthusiasts or noise artists looking for inspiration to visit. 

Music Declares is a group that spreads awareness through music about climate change. The hashtag is #nomusiconadeadplanet. I like to post about this sort of thing, where do-good groups use music to spread a positive message. 

More Music News

Too Broke to Play: How Touring is Turning Musicians (and Us) Penniless” is a Substack article by Beatriz Negreiros about the lamentable state of the touring situation for many bands. It’s worth reading.

J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. has a signature line from the Fender guitar company, from an axe to pickups to accessories. This follows a Joe Strummer collection which includes an electric and an acoustic guitar. The Strummer electric (above) starts at about $1800. It’s the kind of guitar that is a reproduction of the axe Strummer played, complete with fake wear and tear.

Inner Ear Studios famously closed its doors to make way for new real estate development, and two design concepts have come out to replace the space. Jo DeVoe has the story at ARLnow.

70000Tons of Metal, the cruise ship that hosts live music, has its next outing in January and February of 2023. This will be the first one in partnership with Greentripper, where guests can purchase optional carbon offsets. Booking for the cruise is live now.

Rest In Peace

Don Lewis was a pioneer of synthesizers and a consultant on the famous TR-808 drum machine. He died at 81 in November. Ben Rogerson has the story at MusicRadar.

Keith Levene, original guitarist of The Clash and Public Image Ltd., died in November. Levine was an important and influential player. Rachel Brodsky has the story at Stereogum.

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac wrote some of the band’s biggest songs and played keys and performed lead and backing vocals. She died at age 79. Bands as diverse as Judas Priest and The Melvins have covered Fleetwood Mac (they both did the same song). Robert Greenall and George Bowden have the story at BBC News.

Take care and see you at the blog!


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