Musket Hawk desolates with new album

We’ve got no problem writing about Musket Hawk, that dirty, earthy, hardcoreish band from Baltimore, nor are we the only ones. Decibel has premiered a track from the band’s forthcoming album called “Candidate For The Knife.” The track comes from the album Desolate, coming out on Unholy Anarchy on May 6. Decibel does a good job describing the band’s sound.

Earsplit is streaming another track, “Space-Ray Houska,” which shows a different side of the band than “Candidate For The Knife.”

Musket Hawk_band

On top of the new album, Musket Hawk is travelling again, this time on the “Desolate Road Spring 2016 Tour.” The guys will be touring with Disparo! from Australia.

We should mention that D.U.‘s band has played with Musket Hawk before and will do so again on one of the tour stops. Setting that aside, try not to miss Musket Hawk on the road!

5/25/2016 @ The Fire, Philadelphia, PA  FB event
5/26/2016 @ Trinity Chapel, Fredrick, MD
5/28/2016 @ Sidebar Tavern, Baltimore, MD  FB event
5/29/2016 @ Metropolitan Café, Annapolis, MD
5/30/2016 @ McCormack’s Irish Pub, Richmond, VA
5/31/2016 TBA, Columbia, SC  FB event
6/02/2016 TBA, Charleston, SC
6/03/2015 @ Static Age Records, Ashville, NC
6/04/2016 @ SchoolKids Records, Raleigh, NC (no Disparo!)

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