Musket Hawk: on the road again

Our friends in Musket Hawk are keeping busy with a tour, which is in progress, and more releases in the works.

Via email, the Musket Hawk boys let us know that the tour is in support of their split 7″ with Sunburster, out on Unholy Anarchy. Musket Hawk is selling a sampler CD on the road that has three tracks from a yet-to-be-released LP, Desolate, also for Unholy Anarchy. You’ll see in the below tour dates that the band is hitting the studio, and that will be for a split 10″ with Sangharsha (we’ve posted video of that cool band before). And if that isn’t enough, Musket Hawk is planning a split release and spring tour with Disparo!, a band from Sydney.

musket hawk tour

“Sangharsha and Disparo! have both been great friends and we’ve enjoyed playing with them in the past, so we’re really excited to hook up with them on these projects,” Musket Hawk told us.

“New Truck/Old Cap 2015 Tour” dates with Facebook event pages:
Oct. 30, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Oct. 31, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nov. 1, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Nov. 2, Cleveland, Ohio
Nov. 3, Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 4, Chicago, Illinois: Recording at Electrical Audio
Nov. 5, Oshkosh, Wisconsin at The Reptile Palace
Nov. 6, Madison, Wisconsin
Nov. 7, Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 8, Shepardstown, West Virginia


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