Extreme Noise Terror is back

After six years, Extreme Noise Terror is coming out with a self-titled album. Longtime frontman Dean Jones said in a press release, “Our best album yet. If this doesn’t blow your head off, nothing will!”

extreme noise terror cover That is not an unfair description. The tracks are caustic and lots of fun to listen to, and as the band points out harken back to early ENT records. The songwriting is very old-school ENT, to the point of the band repeating itself.

An updated band lineup appears on the record, however, including bassist Andi Morris coming on board in 2012, and second vocalist Ben McCrow, formerly of Gorerotted and The Rotted, who replaced the late Phil Vane in 2014.

In the press release, McCrow revealed that the drums, bass and rhythm guitars were recorded live the studio, with lead guitar added later, “and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a seventy-six-year-old analogue valve amp.”

extreme noise terror band

Willowtip will release the new album on November 5, 2015. Pre-orders are up now, and the record is available for advance streaming on Bandcamp.


Interview with Extreme Noise Terror, from the vault

Photo: Trevor Jayne


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