Musket Hawk “The Form of Disgust” review

The Form of Disgust is only the latest slab of music from a rhythm section that has been slogging it out in bands in Maryland for years. They rocked it in Karma Payment Plan and A Warm Gun before turning to Musket Hawk. If one band doesn’t end up working in the long run, the boys dust themselves off and try something else. The genre of each band isn’t quite the same, but a certain feel is present in all, and with Musket Hawk there’s a sort of back woods, burly folks esthetic. On the “about” section of their Facebook page, they mention whiskey five times.

The first Musket Hawk release was the Live Demo, and all of those demo songs are represented here along with a few more, adding up to seven tracks. These guys like their metal and their hardcore, but the new recording isn’t fast a lot of the time—they also they want to create a mood, with mid-paced, plodding tracks, and dirty guitar tones and chords. While the vocals vary a little between the bass player’s high-end rasp and some low-end growls from one of the other guys, the lyrics move around among a bit of politics, a bit of culture, and the eternal bummer that is life. Musket Hawk is heavy, but not in a jovial way. You might find yourself bobbing your head or pounding your fist to the band’s jams, but with a furrowed brow instead of a smile.

Get in touch with the band at the Facebook page.


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