BLK OPS interview: making noise


One of the things Champ Morgan is known for is singing for the Texas grindcore band Kill The Client. But now, we can add another band to his list of projects, BLK OPS.

Morgan is on vocals, theremin, and noise in the band. Mark Key plays guitar and adds vocals, and Neil Barrett plays drums and also adds noise.

The guys have recorded two songs for a split 7” with the band KRVSHR and are looking for an interested label for a release. To D.U.’s ears, one of BLK OPS’ songs is mid-era Neurosis-influenced, while another is Converge-ish, perhaps. But to hear it straight from the band, Morgan explained via email that the “approach is more from Today Is The Day, Old Man Gloom, Botch, Deadguy and me experimenting with ‘noise.’”

The band hasn’t been sitting back after going into the studio, however. BLK OPS opened the Austin stop of the Decibel Magazine Tour and has been playing one-offs since January of this year.

Morgan added, “I started this band with no preconceptions or rules. Just go in the jam room with total freedom. I’m loving it.”


– In 2013 Morgan shared his views on the Westboro Baptist Church with us.

Photo: BLK OPS Facebook page.


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