Grindcore band Triac shares title track of new album “Pure Joy”

The grindcore band Triac (the Baltimore band that your editor was booted from years ago) has released the title track of the upcoming album Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals.

The track “Pure Joy” is up at the RSR Bandcamp page, which says that the LP version of the album will be out “later in 2021.” Give the track a spin below.

Triac’s drummer Jake Cregger played the new album for D.U. “Pure Joy” shows off the fresh and shiny grindcore that’ll appear on the record. The 16 tracks were recorded and mixed by Triac singer and guitarist Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations.

Watch for updates on Pure Joy at Triac’s Instagram.


We spoke to Bernsten about guitar sales during the pandemic as relates to his aluminum-neck guitar and bass company, DNG Aluminum Guitars.

We’ve got live video of Triac playing in 2003 and 2014, in which you can see different lineups of the band in action. Check out some live photos too.

We also talked to Cregger about playing drums, which is one of his favorite things to do.


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