Musicians talking gear

D.U. used to interview musicians about their gear for a few years back, and lately has been linking to those pieces in the Disposable Underground Newsletter (and here’s the signup for it if you’re interested). For your convenience, here’s the collected links to those features.

Jake Cregger plays in Triac, Multicult, Reeking Cross, and other bands. He talked about drums and drumming in our interview. (Cregger also contributed to D.U. in its former life as a ‘zine.)

Next, “Bass Goddess” Greta Brinkman talked about the bass gear she has used in her long and varied career. (And D.U. has written reviews on her old band Druglord a couple of times for this blog.)

The guitarist Kshitiz Moktan plays guitar in the NYC band Chepang, and he talked about his setup for playing shows in our interview. (And we filmed Chepang for the D.U. YouTube channel as well.)

Lastly, Tomas Lindberg, singer of the Swedish death metal titans At The Gates (and other bands), told us about the microphone gear and monitor systems he abuses at shows.

Photos: Cregger by Aaron Nichols; Brinkman by Jordan Vance; Moktan by Gobinda Sen; Lindberg by Daniel Falk.


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