Techno band Mother Cell comes out with “Powerhouse”

It’s hard for a promotional email to stand out in the flood that comes in every weekday. Metaphorest Records managed to do it with the email subject, “Looks Like It’s Time For Your Root Canal.” Turns out, that’s a line from the second track of the album Powerhouse from the techno band Mother Cell.

Mother Cell is an interesting mix of different types of techno which varies among the album’s 12 songs. D.U. isn’t very knowledgeable about the genre, but a couple of the band’s influences are listed as M.I.A. and Atari Teenage Riot, which is good, and we can hear that. The press release for the album says, “Powerhouse fuses the infectiousness of hyperpop with the aggression of industrial techno and rhythmic noise.”

Powerhouse is on its second cassette pressing and copies are going fast. It’s also on digital and both are available on Bandcamp. Give it a spin.

Photo: Metaphorest


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