The Gathering’s “How To Measure A Planet?” may be on its way to the Moon

The Gathering is a Dutch rock band (formerly a Dutch metal band) that is contributing to a museum to be set up on the Moon. The Moon Gallery project is collecting a hundred compact artifacts to be included on a lunar lander sometime this decade.

The band announced late last year that it collected data about its beloved album How to Measure a Planet? and packed it into a 1 cm cube (the format for the art project) with the help of its original vocalist.

D.U. was unaware that The Gathering’s bandmembers are backers of science. The band said, “Science was important to us in 1998, during the recording of the album, and even more now, in these days where the role of science is often undermined, even by politicians. We should not forget about the importance of the exactness of science: to measure is to know. “

Watch the space-themed video for the band’s single “Liberty Bell” from How to Measure a Planet?

It’s not clear as yet which space agency Moon Gallery is going to partner with to get the artifacts and museum on the moon, but watch the project’s website for updates and more information.

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