Impaled Nazarene returns with new album “Eight Headed Serpent”

Impaled Nazarene is a metal band from Finland that started over 30 years ago, and its new album Eight Headed Serpent “is finally unleashed upon this pathetic world full of wimps, posers, turn-the-other-cheekers, and generally ignorant glue-sniffers with their cancel culture and virtue-signaling,” says a press release in a very Impaled Nazarene way.

With song titles such as “Triumphant Return of the Antichrist” and “Human Cesspool” and “The Noncomformists,” the new album is a strong showing and a proper Impaled Nazarene album.

It’s coming out on May 28, 2021 from Osmose Productions, and is up for preorder on digital and on physical formats including bundles, CD, digipack CD with bonus tracks, LP, and shirts. There’s also 7″ EPs to sort through and it’s on Bandcamp as well.

A 7″ EP to promote the album called Goat of Mendes is also out now. Check out the EP below:

To give you more of a taste of the atmosphere of Eight Headed Serpent, photos that are too good not to share are below.

Photos: Suspicious Activities PR


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