Martin Atkins launches fundraiser for post punk and industrial music museum

Martin Atkins, the drummer, author, lecturer, and more, famous for the bands Pigface, The Damage Manual, Killing Joke, PiL, the label Invisible Records, the list goes on, has announced a new initiative (of which he always seems to have many): he’s fundraising for the Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music, to be sited in Chicago.

Atkins posted a FAQ where he explains that one can become a founder by buying a t-shirt (with which you can gain admittance to special and pre-opening events) and other unique hand-screened shirts. He’s also accepting admissions to the collection which will feature “just a shit ton” of material. He later posted an update with a taste of the artifacts going into the collection.

If you’re into this kind of music and/or a fan of Martin Atkins, it makes you wish you lived near Chicago. Keep up with further announcements by following Atkins on Facebook.

Photo: Martin Atkins


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