Pig Destroyer releases “Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC”

Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC is the new live record from Pig Destroyer, the second release from the band to come out during the pandemic (The Octagonal Stairway was the first one).

Some of the band’s studio album material is grim, but the band’s shows are a lot of fun. The record does well in capturing the atmosphere of a Pig Destroyer gig (two gigs at Saint Vitus Bar in this case—a great place to see a show).

It’s out now on CD and LP and bundles from Relapse Records and on Bandcamp. You can also spin the record below.

Related: We’ve got plenty of content from Pig Destroyer singer J.R. Hayes here at the blog. To see some old-school live photos of the band (back when it was a three-piece), head over to our Tumblr.

Photo: Jay Dixon


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