Wormed “Exodromos” review

D.U. first heard Wormed at Maryland Deathfest, and while we don’t usually go for bands that sound like goregrind and gurgle and squeal, we were very impressed with these Spaniards’ tight musicianship and showmanship. They started and stopped on a dime and had total control of their instruments and the stage.

The band’s second album, Exodromos, is difficult to grasp conceptually, even after reading the explanation from the band, but it’s not standard gore fare. Call it science fiction: “the barrier of space time,” the solar system, and the year 8,000 are phrases the band used when breaking down the concept from a high level. It’s impossible to discern any of this by listening to the mangled, phlegmy vocals, except for one spoken interlude, and it’s hard to keep up with what the band’s playing because the songs are nuts. But with the music and the vocals, Wormed create a mood. Yes, they want to bludgeon the listener, and they do, but if you sit back and let the album wash over you (strange when talking about a grindcore/death metal album), they do have an effect.

Exodromos doesn’t come out until March 26, but Willowtip is taking pre-orders. If you want something different, if you’re willing to go beyond a casual listen, this is it.


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