Rottenness interview: new EP and tour

Rottenness from Mexico has been rocking, recording and touring since 1998. They play goregrind, but more on that below. The band broke up last year and then got back together with a new lineup and recorded a new EP, The Perpetual State of Destruction Often Causes a Perpetual State of Creation, for Ossuary Industries.

Speaking via email, guitarist Jay Castillo explains, “On this new material we have a collaboration between some good friends and the new members, and for my taste is a fresh sound. Everybody is putting their own taste and that’s a huge difference from the old material, where I was basically writing 90% all the time. This time everybody had the freedom to put their own style but always keeping the sound of the band somehow.”

Continuing with their new lease on life, the band is hitting the road in Mexico starting on March 21 with the U.S. bands Mother Brain and Malignancy, on a tour they’re calling “The World Didn’t End.”

The “goregrind” sub-genre tag can be a little vague, so to better describe the band, let’s say that Jay is talking to someone who listens to punk, hardcore and metal. He says he would tell this person that Rottenness is “an extreme mix of punk and hardcore and metal—but faster! Put all of them in a blender and you will get our sound!”

To find out more, check out the Rottenness Facebook page.


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