Interview: Trying to catch up with guitarist Dorian Rainwater

It’s hard to keep track of everything Dorian Rainwater is up to musically. He’s played guitar in Noisear, Kill the Client and Phobia, three bands known well in grindcore circles, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “I am up to my neck in musical projects currently and it’s getting pretty crazy, but I will try and break it down for you,” Dorian offers via email.

Noisear, a band that writes and records grindcore albums in spans of 24-48 hours, “has been a constant in my life for the last decade and the main output/band for me personally, which I hope stays this way,” Dorian says.

Info Sniper is something Dorian once described as “Noisear on full tilt,” but D.U. thinks that Noisear already is on full tilt. “Everyone who has ever been in Noisear shall be a part of any and all future releases/gigs. Info Sniper will share some Noisear attributes but will lean toward a more experimental, abstract side of the creative spectrum.”

Phobia: “I have been a contributing guitarist/songwriter for the last few years and even had the honor and privilege of playing a few shows with them throughout this time.”

Dorian photo by Rev. Aaron

Diseased Reason, “which features members of Plutocracy, Inoculara and Abigail Williams, recently recorded a full length in Mesa, Arizona at the Salt Mine Studios with Billy Anderson. I am really excited for this release, because it is a lot different from everything I have been a part of, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as all involved enjoyed making it … . It was great working with Billy too, whom I have been good friends with for years and always talked about working with. He has recorded many of my favorite artists growing up, and it was very inspiring to me.”

Inhabitants, “which is a collective of artists from all over the USA, includes [Jay Randall] who pretty much orchestrated its creation. Dan from Spazz will hopefully be contributing his vocals/beats to the mix. Adam Jennings of Winters in Osaka has already made his noise/vocal contributions for the album, and all that he has done is quite amazing. We are all really stoked about this. Molly Daisy of Bloody Phoenix is also a part of this. She recently laid down some really awesome vocals here at my house, and I can’t wait to do more with her as well as everyone else in this collective. Andres Wade, who is also in many other sick projects like God’s America, The Naturals, Cogs and Sprockets, and more is a phenomenal drummer, and I can’t wait ‘till everyone hears what he has done here. Ken Leek of Titanarum/Pig Life/Funeral Shock also recently did vocals for a few tunes and brings an insane amount of energy to the plate as well … . This group is like a cross between Discordance Axis, East West Blast Test and Naked City.”

Fragmented Aura is comprised of members of Genocaust and myself, and also recorded a full length earlier this year. Another off-the-wall avant-garde project which is more towards the techy/death metal side, but also a lot of fun. We are talking with some labels about a release of the album, which I’m sure lots of heads will enjoy too.

Paravoid is my one-man grind project which I have been writing music for, and right now have a total of six songs in the works.”

It’s safe to say that Dorian can take a long view of music. “I have been playing guitar and bass for the last 27 years. My mom got me started.” We have her to thank for all the grind shred he has laid down for us to listen to.

The Diablo, courtesy Dorian

After playing B.C. Rich for the last nine years, Dorian says, “I now currently play a Framus Diablo which was given to me by Erik Burke [Brutal Truth, Sulaco], who has always been an amazing friend and my biggest inspiration on guitar.”

The latest Noisear album is Turbulent Resurgence, released on Willowtip.


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