Pyrrhon to record second album: an interview with Dylan DiLella

“Noisy, unsettling death metal-infused music rife with unexpected twists and turns, but with enough cohesion to keep the affair relatively musical” is what the next record from the band Pyrrhon is going to sound like, explains guitarist Dylan DiLella via email. “We’re also pushing the psychedelic, noise and improvisational aspects of our sound further to the forefront this time around. This album will probably be a little bit more dynamic than the last one, too … a good amount of subdued, quiet parts peppered into the chaos.”

Pyrrhon is another death metal band from New York City. There’s no shortage of those, but it’s not just another one, as the above description of the music hopefully illustrates.

Dylan reports that Ryan Jones, who plays bass in Today is the Day, Mutilation Rites and Wetnurse, will record the new album. “Ryan’s recording rig is located in a practice space in Brooklyn right around the corner from where we practice. We’ll probably end up knocking out big chunks of the album in small periods of time, but we’ll have enough flexibility in our scheduling to give us the opportunity to reflect on the process and make small changes as we see fit. Ryan also did an awesome job with our demo last summer. It was basically just a plug-in-and-play ordeal, with not too much time spent on getting tones and mixing, and it ended up sounding fully professional. We’re planning to really hone in and make sure that everything sounds the way we want for the record.”

The band’s first album is An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master, released on Selfmadegod [the same label that put out your humble editor’s band’s records], which will also put out the new one. Dylan says that the label expanded Pyrrhon’s fanbase worldwide, and he sounds upbeat about the future. “We’re hoping that we can keep up the momentum and continue to gain new fans around the world with the new record.”

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