Nails “Abandon All Life” review

Nails has been turning heads in the grindcore scene for a little while, and the new album, Abandon All Life, should continue that. With lyrics that are basically saying, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” (which is actually an understatement) Nails is a bruiser of a grind band—somewhat of a hardcore approach but with copious blast beats. They do a good job with mixing things up enough on the arrangement front, while the riffs are more on the basic side of things. The band shifts to a lower gear in the middle of the record with “Wide Open Wound” and channels Discharge with “Pariah” but is back to speeding up in no time.

Abandon All Life comes out on March 19 in the States, and the next month Nails hits the road with Xibalba and Early Graves—tour dates below.

Order from Southern Lord

4/26 @ The Rumble, Chicago, IL
4/27 @ Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH
4/28 @ The Funeral Home, Buffalo, NY
4/29 @ Sneaky Dea’s, Toronto, ON
4/30 @ Il Motore, Montreal, QC
5/01 @ Bogies, Albany, NY
5/02 @ Great Scott, Boston, MA
5/03 @ St Vitus, Brooklyn, NY
5/04 @ O’Reillys, Philadelphia, PA


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