Defeatist music for “name your price” download: interview with Aaron Nichols

We recently ran a story about Ludicra putting their catalog up for “name your price” download, and now we’re giving the same treatment to Defeatist.

While it was around, Defeatist was from New York City and played a fierce version of grind, featuring hairpin turns and lyrics that were a good read. The vocalist and guitarist, Aaron Nichols, explains via email that as regards the band’s four main releases, “the CDs and vinyl are still available through [my label] Nerve Altar, and once in a while people will order them, which is appreciated since my apartment could use the space. I was surprised by the amount of recent downloads in the past month, though. I figured if anyone actually wanted those files, they would have them already.”

It’s always nice to have a surprise as long as it’s a pleasant one. Another example was the column “Call & Response” from Decibel Magazine that featured Defeatist. Bill Steer, known for Carcass, had quite positive things to say about one of the band’s songs in the column.

“I do remember getting a kick out of that Bill Steer comment. He could have rightfully shit all over that track, but he was very polite. Not sure I could do the same if the roles were reversed post-Necroticism,” Aaron admits.

Be that as it may, since Bill Steer signed off on a Defeatist song, then that should be all you need to head over to their Bandcamp page.


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