The ClimateMusic Project invites artists to “Play For the Planet”

The crossroads of climate change and music is an interesting place. The ClimateMusic Project explores that space, as Knvul Sheikh reports in the New York Times. In short, the project “creates music based on climate data,” and at its website, the project says its purpose is “to inspire people to engage actively on the issue of climate change.”

The ClimateMusic Project has a new campaign, “Play For the Planet.” It invites artists from around the world to respond to the question, “What do you want the future to sound like?” using their art. There’s a couple of playlists of performances for the campaign on YouTube, one for the Play For the Planet virtual series and one for a live event from 2018.

There’s a few standout videos from the campaign so far, like a beatbox performance …

… and a composer shredding on an acoustic guitar.

There’s more videos at the ClimateMusic YouTube channel and more information at the project’s website.

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Images: ClimateMusic Project



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